What is 2ndSight?

Arcus Servo Motion introduces 2ndSight Technology, the world’s first
comprehensive, patent-pending Motion Analytics Solution to meet numerous challenges facing the Automation and Manufacturing market.


With the emergence of Industry 4.0, automation and robotics have greatly increased production efficiency and quality across all industries. This recent development produced an urgent need for an intelligent solution that can monitor motion systems in real-time, collect and analyze data, and make mission-critical decisions to prevent failure and downtime. Reliable predictive maintenance is what will complete truly smart factories of the future.


2ndSight (patent-pending) is an innovative, comprehensive approach of applying Multi-dimensional Machine Learning methods, Analytical Physics, Statistics, and Regression techniques in quantifying and determining the overall health state of any motion system.


2ndSight is a real-time, data-driven, intelligent algorithm that is run on the Edge for increased efficiency and response. 2ndSight's compact and simplified data can easily be shared across networks and to the cloud, in contrast to burdensome, raw motion data.


Multi-dimensional Modeling and Monitoring


2ndSight algorithm is straightforward to implement since it uses the existing data that are already available on the servo motor controller.  This means no additional sensors are required, and implementing in the existing motion system takes minimal effort.

Friction Coefficient Calculation


2ndSight uses Analytical Physics and Regression techniques to determine real-time coulomb and viscous friction coefficients as well as the inertia values of the motion system. By observing the changes in the friction coefficient values with respect to the change in the inertia values, the overall mechanical and physical state of the motion system can be estimated.

Velocity and Current Vibration Analysis


Velocity and current values from the servo drive are fed into the Fast-Fourier Transform Analysis to determine the virtual vibrations of the motion system. An important advantage of this approach is that the vibration values are calculated from the parameters already available on the motion controller without any additional external sensors. Changes in the vibration values provide valuable insight into the state of the mechanics of the motion system.

Stress and Impact Tracking


The changes in the acceleration, also known as the Jerk, are tracked to determine the total amount of stress and impact that is exerted on the motion system. The total stress and impact value can then be used to determine the life of the weak links in the motion system to predict potential system failures.

Power Usage Tracking


The motor power usage is tracked to determine the total usage and life of the motion system.



The 2ndSight algorithm is straightforward to implement since it uses the existing data that is already available on the servo motor controller.  This means additional sensors are not required, and integration into the existing motion system takes minimal effort.


2ndSight is a highly efficient algorithm that can be executed on the edge, resulting in compact but meaningful analytics data that are passed on to the supervisory stations.  This reduces the data storage and transmission bandwidth requirements.


2ndSight is a non-time-based algorithm and uses machine learning and streaming data analytics without requiring large volumes of historical data.


2ndSight enables real-time anomaly and creep detections and provides physically meaningful information about motion components.


2ndSight is universal and applicable to most common servo motion systems.

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